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The candidate, as part of a joint Contractor- Government Cyber Protection Team, shall perform computer network defense (CND) incident triage, to include determining, urgency, and potential impact; identifying the specific vulnerability; and making recommendations that enable expeditious remediation, perform initial, forensically sound collection of images and inspect to discern possible mitigation/remediation on enterprise systems, perform real-time computer network defense (CND) incident handling (e.g., forensic collections, intrusion correlation/tracking, threat analysis, and direct system remediation) tasks to support deployable Incident Response Teams (IRTs), receive and analyze network alerts from various sources within the enterprise and determine possible causes of such alerts, and track and document computer network defense (CND) incidents from initial detection through final resolution.


  • Administer CND test bed. Test and evaluate new CND applications, rules/signatures, access controls, and configurations for CND service provider managed platforms
    Assist in identifying, prioritizing, and coordinating the protection of critical CND infrastructure and key resources
  • Implement Risk Management Framework (RMF)/Security Assessment and Authorization (SA&A) requirements for specialized CND systems within the enterprise; document and maintain records for them
  • Create, edit, and manage changes to network access control lists on specialized CND systems (e.g., firewalls and intrusion prevention systems)
  • Identify potential conflicts with implementation of CND tools within the CND service provider area of responsibility (e.g., tool/signature testing and optimization)
  • Perform system administration on specialized CND applications and systems (e.g., anti-virus, audit/ remediation) or Virtual Private Network [VPN] devices, to include installation, configuration, maintenance, and backup/restoration
  • Coordinate with CND analysts to manage and administer the updating of rules and signatures (e.g., intrusion detection/protection systems, anti-virus, and content blacklists) for specialized CND applications


  • $140,000 – $170,000 p/a (inc. annual bonus)
  • Full health, dental and vision insurance
  • 401k plan & 50% company match
  • 2-4 weeks paid vacation (depending on experience)